Posted by: pauditore | March 20, 2013

Big Data Boot Camp May 21-22 NYC

The Data Dog

The Data Dog


Come meet me at the Big Data Boot Camp and check out the awesome cast of speakers we have selected. Big Data Boot Camp is a two-day intensive dive into the tsunami that has become big data. The advent of social media and its impact on “customer everything” has left many companies awash in a sea of big data that is difficult to collect, manage and act on.  Big Data is creating confusion in the IT industry and is expected to significantly increase IT spending in the BI and data warehousing market segments according to leading market research companies. Information is data, and many organizations are concerned about how this new “data management paradigm” will impact, and/ or disrupt their business model. Big data is presenting new challenges to the traditional data warehouse and information management platforms and their managers, as organizations are demanding that more data points are incorporated into business decision-making.

Participants will hear from a wide range of data and database experts including: information architects, database consultants, innovators, legal experts, database and analytics vendors and information technology professionals (peer practitioners) that are addressing many of the issues that big data encompasses today. Attendees will also learn about how organizations are leveraging big data for competitive advantage, where is their smart data is and how they use it, and most importantly the legal issues associated with collecting, managing and archiving big data.

Who Should Attend Big Data Boot Camp?

The content of this conference will appeal to nearly all Information technology professionals involved in the management and use of data including: CIOs, CTOs, IT directors and managers database administrators, data warehouse architects, data architects and any IT professional involved in systems administration, storage management, business intelligence, analytics and cloud related technologies. LOB managers, business analysts and those involved with CRM will also benefit in understanding the origins of big data and the technology and legal issues associated with managing it.

Why Attend Big Data Boot Camp?

Big data is new and actionable information about your customers, products, services and even your competitors. Many leading organizations and your competitors have already begun big data projects and are leveraging the information to improve many seminal business initiatives including: brand reputation management, marketing communications, customer relationship management, customer service, and sales. The agenda of Big Data Boot camp has been designed to bring together a cadre of thought leaders and practitioners that will identify important emerging technologies in the areas of business intelligence, data warehousing and provide case studies and best practices in big data management. Learn how to address the challenges of big data management so that your organization can enrich its decision making with relevant and actionable smart big data. Big Data Boot Camp will help you navigate the big data jungle with real world insights and knowledge to help your organization gain competitive advantage and avoid the myriad of legal issues that may be encountered in the gathering and management of big data.

Check out the agenda at:


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