Posted by: pauditore | April 5, 2013

Big Data Delivers Real-Time Information & Competitive Advantage

Today everything is big, big government, big oil (or energy as they call themselves now) and big data. The problem with big data is finding your smart data is like looking for a needle in the haystack. This is the challenge, finding the smart data that has business value and applying it in real time. In my last major research initiative around business intelligence and data warehousing (circa 1999-2000) the surveys found utopia would be real-time data mining of OLTPs. This is now possible.

The Data Dog Smokes

The Data Dog Smokes

Big data encompasses a myriad of information technologies that are difficult to manage, very expensive in addition to being difficult to use. They range from the traditional data warehouse infrastructure to now encompassing new enabling open source technologies like Hadoop, and new high performance NoSQL and columnar databases. One of the newest enabling technologies to come to market to swell the big data tsunami is In-Memory processing and In-Memory databases. In-Memory technologies will provide many organizations with real-time access to their transactional databases and ERP information never before accessed in real-time. The business value in this is potentially tremendous when it comes to financials, retail and supply chain and many other business processes.

We asked a random set of 100 information technology professionals involved in their companies data management and data warehousing what was most relevant in their big data world. The results are as follows:

  1. Big data analytics in general including a comparison of current technologies like data warehousing versus a newer generation of integration and analytic tools.
  2. Data integration including issues associated with implementing real-time integration and analytics.
  3. Managing and integrating unstructured data.
  4. Understanding and managing social media data.
  5. Education about Hadoop and NoSQL database technologies.
  6. Education about advanced analytical technologies such as In-Memory and predictive analytics with a focus on big data.
  7. Database security and data governance.
  8. Open source database and data integration solutions.

CEOs and their BODs are always on the hunt for competitive advantage and technology is often one of the only weapons available. Until next time I wish you great selling and marketing in this millennium.


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