Posted by: pauditore | June 3, 2013

Tales From the Big Data Boot Camp: Scene One

The Data Dog: Swimming in Big Data-Russian River

Conducted in NYC at the Hilton the first Big Data Boot Camp was well attended primarily by IT professionals.  However, in what has become a continuing saga of the odd couple, information technology professionals for the most part are still not connected and working closely with line of business, only two out of 50 attendees in the room indicated that they were working with LOB when asked this question during a session.

The Big Data Opportunities Survey

Prior to the conference Information Today, the show organizer conducted a survey of 300 data managers, again primarily IT professionals. Although the sample size is extremely small there are some nuggets to be found in the data that are consistent with other research initiatives.

Key Findings

Top Industries With Big Data Initiatives

  • Retail
  • Financial services
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Education

Net/Net: This is consistent with other research and what the major analyst firms are also seeing in the market, however, this survey missed one of the most important industries that generates tons of big data, telecommunications! We all know that media, services, healthcare and the energy industry also have huge big data initiatives underway according to other research surveys. And that North American companies are again way ahead of the pack when it comes to big data.

Big Data Business Initiatives

  • Customer analysis
  • Historical data analysis
  • Machine data, production system monitoring
  • Website monitoring and analysis
  • IT systems log monitoring and analysis
  • Competitive market analysis
  • Content management
  • Social media analysis

Net/Net: Very surprising to see social media analysis listed last in order of importance, however, again the respondents are IT professionals and are probably not aware of what business and marketing are doing especially when it comes to the customer. Social media is an easy and fast way to the customer base and this is inconsistent with other social media and business intelligence research.

Big Data Types

  • Production or transactional data
  • Real time data feeds
  • Textual data
  • ERP data
  • CRM data
  • Historical data
  • Web logs
  • Social media data
  • Multimedia data
  • Machine2machine data
  • Sensor data
  • Spatial data

Net/Net: According to this IT sample base these are the primary big data sources that their organizations are dealing with in order of importance. We all know that the majority of ERP data is transactional in nature especially in the supply chain, but what is interesting here are the challenges these data types present. Integration, inconsistent semantics, metadata and applications demanding data along with the silos that most data exist in are major issues in managing big data especially for business initiatives moving forward.

In the next blog I will elaborate on the business challenges and the volumes of big data currently being managed in this data set. Until next time I wish you great selling and marketing in this millennium.


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